If you are a new mom, your doctor might have suggested that breastmilk is the best food for your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics and many principal organizations also recommend breastfeeding alone for the initial six months of the baby, unless there is a medical reason to avoid the same. It is also recommended that for the initial six months, moms should avoid supplementing breast milk with juice or water. All you want to know about breast pumps you can find in our guide, called “Best Breast Pump Reviews“.

Best Breast Pump

What after initial six months?

Even if you wish to continue breastfeeding after the initial six months, the groups give a big nod. The reason for this is that the customized breast milk provides a whole lot of nourishment to the baby. First and foremost thing, it can boost the immune system of your infant and can provide the right kind of antibodies to your baby against illness. It can greatly reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and can make the digestive tract healthy, besides promoting vision and brain development. You might be surprised to know that it can reduce the risk of some disease in the future like asthma, high cholesterol, obesity, some types of cancer and diabetes. The excellent thing about this gift of nature is that it changes over time and even in the course of a day as per the growing needs of the baby. In addition to being beneficial for the babies in a number of ways, breastfeeding will also help the moms to reach their pre-baby weight faster and can greatly reduce the risk of ovarian, breast cancer and osteoporosis.

Top 10 Breast Pumps:

Convenient food both for the mom and the baby:

More than anything else, it is a convenient and readily available food for the baby, and there are no bottles to prepare and warm for the mom as well. In addition, it is absolutely free. However, unless you plan to take your baby wherever you go for the initial six months, there will be a problem in feeding the baby. Nevertheless, you can rely on the best breast pump. The fact is that this tool can be an indispensable item for new moms in a number of scenarios. For instance, if you wish to return to work, but want to continue breastfeeding at least for the initial six months or when you are traveling or when you are away from the baby for some reasons, this tool can be highly helpful.

Other instances:

Not just because you cannot be near your baby, but also during the initial few days after you have delivered, there are greater chances that your breasts can turn out to be full, and the baby can have trouble in learning to feed himself/herself on, the pump will be helpful. Even though, it is true that things can go on smooth when you are in the hospital, but when you are discharged, there will be greater instances where the supply will be more than the demand. In these situations, a breast pump will help in storage of the milk. Even after six months, when the baby starts to rely on some solid foods, you can use the breast pump for storing the milk and mixing it with little cereal to feed the baby.

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Is it possible to refrigerate breast milk?

You might be surprised to know that the breast milk can be refrigerated for about a day. Even, you can freeze it for 3-6 months. But, when you store it on the shelf and let it sit, the fats can start to break down, and few components can start to change. This is why it is recommended that as soon as expressing the milk, store it in the refrigerator and use the oldest milk first.

What in case you are away from home?

When you cannot refrigerate the milk after expressing just because you are away from home, you can use an insulated container that is packed with ice or frozen ice packs to keep the breast milk cool.

What in the case of freezing?

When you decide to freeze it, just store it on the back of the freezer and not on the doors as there are chances of thawing every time the door is opened. When time comes to use it, just thaw it in warm water before feeding the baby. Remember not to boil or microwave as these processes can destroy the invaluable immunological components in the milk. Also, remember not to mix freshly extracted milk with the frozen or refrigerated milk. Furthermore, remember not to freeze the milk again once it is defrosted. If it cannot be used just, throw it away.

What’s on the market of best breast pumps?

When it comes to the selection of the best breast pump, you will come across different models in the market. For instance, you will come across the best electric breast pump, battery-operated models, manual models, portable, lightweight and automatic pumps. There are models that will help with extracting milk from one breast at a time, and there are also hands-free models that will help you with strapping around your waist, such that when the extraction process is going on, you can concentrate on other works. Milk extraction can be a time-consuming process, but it will not be frustrating and painful. Selection of the right pump can make the difference in the success of your breastfeeding.

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How about cycles per minute?

In general, the natural sucking rhythm of a baby is 40-60 cycles per minute, which means a single pull per second or little lesser. In the case of hospital-grade and personal-use automatic pumps, they generally operate at the rate of 30-50 cycles per minute. The other types of pumps are generally less efficient. The general rule is that the more suction and releases per minute provided by a pump, the better will be the stimulation of milk supply.

The fact is that the nature of breast milk changes during every feed in accordance with the swallowing technique followed by the baby and the suction given by the baby. This is why in the start of breastfeeding session, the milk will be watery and thin. In the middle, it will turn out to be fattier, turning out to be wholesome milk. At the end of the breastfeeding session, it will be even creamier. Among the many health benefits of breast milk, the healthy fat supply it gives the baby will help with satiating the hunger. So, when it comes to the selection of the best breast pump, it is highly important that you should choose a tool that will mimic the natural sucking action of the baby. Another important consideration to make is the efficiency of the unit to save larger quantity of milk. For instance, when you are returning to work, there should be more milk storage as compared to staying at home to manage the hunger of the baby all through the day.

In the selection of the right unit, breast pump reviews will help you. Once you arrive at the right pump after reading reviews, you should learn how to position the same correctly and should learn how to adjust the suctioning to get the best results. For cleaning, pumps generally need some assembling and disassembling, and you should clean the same with dishwasher or hot soapy water and make sure that all parts are cleaned and completely drain them before each use.

Types of best breast pumps:

Before selecting the right unit, it is important that you should understand about the different types of breast pumps available in the market, such that you will be in a position to select the right unit:

Small electric or battery-operated pumps:

These are compact and lightweight models that make use of household current or AA or C batteries. The excellent thing stated by electric breast pump reviews is that this type of unit can be easily carried in your briefcase or purse. Reviews also state that even though, this type of model is relatively quiet, the suction can happen slowly, but in the case of some models, the vacuum can be regulated for utmost comfort. There are also models that cause nipple discomfort due to constant vacuum. This type of model can be selected, when you will be using the pump occasionally as you will be away from the baby for a single night or for a couple of hours during the day. The biggest benefit associated with this model is that it is relatively portable and inexpensive. Also, with the battery pack, it will be possible to pump anytime and anywhere. The con with this type is that when you have to use the pump frequently, you will find that the pumping will take longer time. You can choose this model, only when you are going to use it occasionally.

electric breast pump reviews

The best manual breast pumps:

With this model, you will have to produce the suction by yourself by pressing the lever or bulb or by deploying the syringe-style cylinder. There are different designs of manual pumps available in the market. When it comes to piston-style or cylinder pumps, they generally permit you to control the pressure in such a way that discomfort can be minimized. Some manual models can be operated with a single hand. These are comfortable to use as compared to the models that require one hand to hold and one to pump. You can opt for this model, if you will be staying at home or if you work from home and you will have to miss out rarely feeding due to a night out. This model can be the right choice, when you are traveling and when electricity might not be available. In such case, you should be careful about choosing a model with ergonomic handle. The beneficial thing about this model is that it is less expensive as compared to electrical models and does not need batteries or source of electricity and also similar to the above-mentioned model, it is compact and enough to fit the purse. The negative thing is that this model is suitable only for occasional use like when you are traveling.

Hands-free pumps:

This model can be ideal if you have a hectic schedule as you will be in a position to engage in other tasks when the pumping process goes on. This type of model comes with a double electric pump and as a rechargeable model. The beneficial thing about this model is that you need not have to drop the other things that you are engaged in. As they are hands-free, you can engage in talking on the phone, emailing, working and reading or any other tasks. However, in this model, the setup process can be complicated, and you are recommended not to attempt for the same when you are sleep deprived or when you are not at your sharpest.

Midweight, personal-use, and automatic breast pumps:

When you are looking for the best electric breast pump, you can opt for this model, which is not bigger than a briefcase and just weighs around 8 pounds or less. As it has serious suction and powerful motor, this model will bring down the pumping time taken by other models considerably. These are models that truly imitate the sucking of the baby, and this action fosters faster flow of milk. In addition, this model comes with self-adjusting suction settings. Also, most models under this type come with a backpack that can be ideal if you are working outside. The benefit associated with this model is that it can quickly extract a huge quantity of milk, thereby making it the ideal choice for women, who will have to be away from the baby for long.

Hospital-grade breast pumps:

This model will be about the size of a car battery, and it is manufactured mainly for new moms in the hospital. They are quicker, and they can be rented when you are in the hospital immediately after delivery for a few days.