A Brief Comparison Between Manual and Electric Breast Pump

These days, due to various medical reasons and other complications, a lot of new mothers have to pump their breast milk and feed their baby. For example, some women may have inverted nipples which will make breastfeeding very difficult for them. In such cases, it is always better to opt for a breast pump for pumping milk from your breast and feed the baby instead of forcing their babies to suck at the breast hard and get very little milk which,in any case, will not be enough for the baby’s proper nutrition.

There are basically two types of breast pumps on the market now. They are manual and electric breast pumps. Let us examine and compare each one of these in detail so that you can find out which of the two is better for the proper feeding of your baby.

As far as the design is concerned, both manual and electric breast pumps are similar. Both come with a shield you fit closely over your breast to help the suction of the milk and a small bottle in which you can collect the milk. The only difference you will observe in their design is that manual pumps are more portable and they don’t require electricity for their operation whereas electric pumps are usually bulkier and rather loud.

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Both of these breast pumps are similar in their functions also. The only difference being that, in case of a manual breast pump, you will need to do some short squeezing motions with it in order to express milk whereas in electric breast pumps a machine is used to suck air through the tubes to express milk from the breast. Also, in case of a manual breast pump, you need to express milk one breast at a time. But electric breast pumps allow you to express milk in both breasts simultaneously.

As far as efficiency is concerned, it is found that the electric breast pumps have a slight advantage over the manual ones simply because they are more faster as they allow the simultaneous extraction of the milk from both the breasts. It will take just about fifteen minutes to finish the pumping if you use an electrical breast pump whereas a manual breast pump can take more than ten minutes at times to express milk from one breast. This can be a tiring and time consuming process.

The main difference between manual and electric breast pumps is their cost. If you want a cheap breast pump, always go for a manual one. Otherwise, if you don’t mind shedding some extra bucks for your breast pumping machine, you can go for an electric breast pump. Even though electric breast pumps are costly when compared to manual pumps you can always find a good deal if you would choose to shop online as there are a wide variety of them available online which you can buy. In short, choosing between a manual and an electric pump entirely depends upon the person who’s going to use it, it’s cost and it’s efficiency.

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